“Great writers come from everywhere,” they say at The World’s Video Wiki. Everyone knows New York, but when was the last time you read a book from a writer from Australia, for example? Finding authors who grew up with different perspectives is not just important, it leads to more enjoyable and interesting reads. Take a look at some of those authors right here: Writers From South of the Equator

The Australian Times Magazine – Interview in Vol 2, No 2, by Lauren Dougherty with Hidden book cover the entire front page, dated November, 2014.

Young Writers – Interview with UK Poetry and Writing Magazine that works with schools and parents, encouraging young people to engage in creative writing since 1991.

Rinn ReadsInterview by Rinn from Rinn Reads dated 18th November, 2012.

The Australian Literature ReviewOn Fiction with an Australian FocusInterview dated 18th November, 2013.

The Reader’s QuillInterview dated 19th December, 2008.

Zone Out ModeZone Out Mode – Interview – Find Out Why Marianne Curley Wanted to be an Author dated 11th September, 2012.

Illawarra Mercury, Author Captures the Light Among the Dark – Interview dated 10th March, 2013, written by Kate Walsh.

ReadPlus Review Blog – The Named Review by Pat Pledger, teacher/editor/reviewer, dated 25th June, 2010.

ReadPlus Review Blog – HiddenReview by Pat Pledger, teacher/editor/reviewer, dated 26th March, 2013.

Kate’s Book LifeReview of Hidden by Kate dated 13th March, 2013.

Publishers Weekly Review of The Named dated 2002.

Paranormal Book LoverReview of Hidden by Sammy from Paranormal Book Lover dated 19th March, 2013.

Fictional ThoughtsReview of Fearless by Kate, owner of Fictional Thoughts Book Blog dated 3rd November, 2015.

Simply Nerdy – Review of Old Magic by Simply Nerdy Book Reviews dated 13th February, 2009.



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