The Avena Series – Hidden, Broken and Fearless

HIDDEN in French by Canadian Publisher ADA

Hidden in French Canadian


BROKEN in French by Canadian Publisher ADA

Broken in French Canadian



Fearless in  French Canadian

Old Magic Covers Four

The Four Covers of Old Magic

Old Magic - Chinese
Old Magic, Taiwan Edition






Czech Rep Old Magic.jpg

Czech Republic Old Magic

German oldmagic Collage1.jpg

Three different covers of the German editions of Old Magic

Spanish got Collage.jpg

Spanish Old Magic, and The Named, The Dark & The Key

Poland Collage

The lovely Polish Covers with The Dark on left, The Named, then The Key


Turkey collage.jpg

Turkey Edition of The Guardians of Time

German GoT Collage.jpg

The Guardians of Time in the German Edition

Finland Collage GoT.jpg

The Guardians of Time – Finland Editions

OldMagicFrance    French Edition of Old Magic

Italian Old Magic collage.jpg

Italian Editions of Old Magic

Russian GoT.jpg

The Named, The Dark & The Key – Russian Editions


Old Magic – Japan

The Netherlands Old Mag collage.jpg

Old Magic – The Netherlands Editions

The Key - Spanish

The Key – Spanish

The Key - Spanish (Back Cover)

The Key – Spanish (Back Cover)


  1. I love all the cover differences for “Old Magic”. I’m doing a PowerPoint for my Adolescent Literature class for how I would teach this book, and the covers show so much cultural diversity!


    1. Thank you Kelley. Old Magic has quite a lot of covers. It was translated into about a dozen languages and some of the covers were amazing and others took me by surprise, but I won’t mention the one’s I wasn’t very keen on! Mostly, the designers in the various publishing houses did a wonderful job.

      Good luck with teaching your class.



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