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As a published author I am sometimes invited to special book events, especially around the times of a new book release. Or sometimes simply because the types of books I write suit an upcoming event. Over the span of my writing career I’ve been to several functions, mostly on the Gold Coast because I live in this area, but also in Brisbane and Sydney. I have gathered quite a few photos at these events, though usually not taken by me, and I’ve enjoyed the events more than I can describe in a few words. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

A writer spends most of their time alone with their thoughts. I have a home office, a converted bedroom now that my children are all grown up and have moved away. So getting out to an event is wonderful, but because I spend so much time on my own, I sometimes find these events to be quite daunting.

On this page you will find photographs taken at some of the events I have attended, and as I come to attend future events, I will endeavour to add more photos to this page. I hope you enjoy browsing.

Gold Coast Supanova Comic Con & Gaming in 2018

At the tables Close Up

At the signing tables


Granddaughter Josie caught in the Wicked Witch’s clutches

Zack and his gun2.jpg

Grandson Zach admiring his new purchase











With Chris & Maddison



With Haylie


With Terry Brooks

Gold Coast & Brisbane Supanova Festival in 2014 & 2012

Self with Isabel Carmody and Michael Pryor

With Isobelle Carmody and Michael Pryor

Traci Harding and self

With Traci Harding

Signing at SupaNova Brisbane 2012

Signing books at Supernova Brisbane, 2012

These lovely fans had a set of wings with them. They ended up looking like they were mine.

 Self with fan 5Posing with fans at SupaNova Brisbane 2012

Self with fan 2  Self with fan 6 Self with fans

  Self wtih fan 3 Snow White

Indie Authors Down Under Events on the Gold Coast in 2013 and 2014

Kirá and Marianne at RWDU15

With my awesome long-time fan, now good friend Kire Moonchild

Sisters    Nicegirlsread at Indie

Nevendblk at indie

With Sonia Palmisano

With the amazing Sonia Palmisano, Bloomsbury Children & Young Adults, Marketing & Publicity Manager

The Launch of Hidden in 2013 and

The Launch of Broken in 2014 on Tamborine Mountain

At Marks & Gardner Café, which is now unfortunately not open anymoreBroken Book Launch Poster

    20130303_105953  With Amy at Broken Book Launchs mum hidn launch crowd.JPG

The Launch of Fearless

Hosted by Dymocks CBD Sydney in June 2015

20150718_144346 20150718_144339

20150718_144304  20150718_144209  20150718_144143(0)  20150718_144248

Laura and me at Fearless launch Dymocks

Marianne and Manuel 1CroppedB

With my incredibly handsome and brilliant brother, Manuel

Event collage2.jpg

Pictures taken at the Fearless Event with family members

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