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WIN! WIN! WIN! A Signed, First Edition, Hardback Copy of Old Magic!!!

Hi everyone

I am giving away ONE Signed, Hardback, First Edition copy of OLD MAGIC. This book is one of only 500 printed in hardback and sold in the United Kingdom and Australia in the year 2000, and it is in pristine, new condition.

Old Magic was first published in October, 2000, and since then has had 49 editions and more than 34 different covers.  In the eighteen years since Old Magic was first released, this book has been translated into 14 languages. Today, it is no longer in print, though you can purchase it in e-book form. Any Old Magic books on sale through Amazon or other outlets are Used and Second Hand copies. The latest paperback edition was released in 2010.

Josie reading Old Magic 1a

Young reader Josie immersed in Old Magic.

This competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. It will run for three weeks from today’s date, June 22, 2018, finishing at midnight on July 13, 2018.

How do you win this Signed, First Edition, Hardback copy of Old Magic? It’s simple, and this is all you have to do:

Share this page on your favourite Social Media site – FB, Instagram, Twitter, or any other, tag two people, then send me an email at: marianne.curley7@gmail.com with the subject heading: Old Magic Competition, letting me know your name and that you have completed the task. 

Your name will go into a barrel, and on the 21st day from today someone I trust will randomly select the winning entry. The winning entrant will be notified by email.

Best of luck . . .    Marianne

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A Scene Adapted from Old Magic by Marianne Curley

Hi Everyone

Some years ago, a producer named Sarah Usmen, a recent graduate at the time from a film school  in the US, approached me about making a film of Old Magic. She had very little financing to pull it off but she had enthusiasm and friends, mostly other graduates, who were happy to work on the movie just for the experience. They wrote a good script, held auditions for the roles of Kate and Jarrod, and with the idea of finding more funding, they filmed a scene.

The scene takes place after Jarrod is hurt in the classroom on his first day when a shard of jagged glass flies across the room and lodges in his arm. Kate volunteers to take him to Sick Bay but ends up taking him to her place.

Unfortunately the film didn’t go ahead and this clip is the only scene that was made. See what you think of it and feel free to let me know your thoughts. The Old Magic Adaptation Original Scene is on YouTube under the name of Queens of Waban.

There have been several offers to make my books into movies, and even a TV show, but unfortunately nothing has come of them yet. This scene is the closest any of my books have come to the silver screen.

Guardians of Time Book Four Notice

The Guardians of Time Book Four will be released within the next few months. A confirmed release date and the title will be announced very soon. Keep watching this space for more details.


The Guardians of Time Original Covers


MARIANNE CURLEY DAILY, a Blog by Zuzana Citovská

Marianne's Books

Marianne’s Books


As a writer for many years there have been times when I’ve been impressed and humbled by what a reader has told me, shown me, or created in regards to my books and the characters within. It’s an absolute thrill and a truly humbling experience to know that my books have helped people through difficult times in their lives, or started them on their reading journey, moved them to the point of making videos, playlists, designing new covers, writing sequels or scripts, and creating works of art. I’m even thrilled when I see someone who has dyed their hair blue, even though 99.9 percent of the time it wasn’t because they wanted to look like Arkarian in The Guardians of Time!

Zuzana Citovská’s dedicated website Marianne Curley Daily continues to grow and display Zuzana’s many talents. Her love of my books and her interpretation of them using the images she’s put together is a wonderful tribute.

I highlighted Marianne Curley Daily some months back, but when I visited it again recently I knew I had to give it another plug so Zuzaná’s imagery can be seen by many more, as it should be.

Thank you, Zuzaná. Your talent and dedication to my books inspires me.


The Guardians of Time Editions.jpg

Three Editions of the Guardians of Time





Marianne Curley Daily – a Dedicated Site

Hi everyone, a friend of mine I met through Facebook, Vesper Cassel, has set up a dedicated website highlighting my books and all there is to know about them. It’s called Marianne Curley Daily. This is how Vesper describes her site:

Welcome to mariannecurleydaily! A fan tumblr blog dedicated to Marianne Curley, Australian YA writer and her books.
Tracking the tags #marianne curley, #the guardians of time, #avena and #old magic.

A big shout out to Vesper, and a big thank you from me.

Vesper, thank you for your time setting this site up, for maintaining it and keeping it current. I love what you are doing here, and how you are tracking the tags. I am truly blown away by your dedication and appreciate the effort you have gone to making your idea a reality.

Marianne Curley Daily

Hidden, with Old Magic and The Guardians of Time Trilogy

Comment on an Old Favourite

Old Magic UK Hardcover & OZ Paperback

First Edition Cover of Old Magic

On Goodreads this morning I found this comment left by Letti from Longreach, California.
“I first read Old Magic when I was in 7th grade back in 2000. I remember borrowing the copy from a friend who raved about it. And we literally passed the same copy around through a huge group of friends. We were all in love with Jarrod. I have great memories of this book not only because of the story itself but because of the love for reading that this book sparked.”
Thank you, Letti, for making Old Magic, that was already special to me as my first published book, even more special.
Old Magic Covers Four

Four Covers of Old Magic

What Readers Are Saying About Old Magic

Old Magic - The USA Edition

Old Magic – The USA Edition



Sophie (courtesy of Goodreads) rated Old Magic 5 of 5 stars on June 19, 2014

This is probably the best book I have ever read – and I really read a lot. It’s not about the great writing style, but it’s about the feeling you get while reading it; it’s impossible to put down! You get so excited to read what will happen next, and you’re never disappointed. I love the relationships between the characters. She gives us exactly the information you want and makes it interesting and exciting. I also love the way she has presented the story and I highly admire how she writes in both Kate’s and Jared’s perspectives. It gives you perfect insight and understanding of the characters. I have read this book so many times, I can’t even keep count (you should see my copy of the book, it is falling apart), and I would love Curley to write a sequel because every time I finish it I’m left wanting more! A definite must-read!
My daughter has had this book in our family library since a book fair came to her school when she was in middle school. It’s been waiting patiently for about ten years now. She pulled it off the shelf and read it first. Then she hounded me to read it so I finally gave in. Did I ever tell you that she has never steered me wrong? Well, this was no exception. It started out like every other teenage angst novel. The unusual girl and the boy she is drawn to. But, what got me was it turned out to be a time-travel story. Kate and Jarrod had to go back to medieval time to stop a curse a sorcerer had put on his ancestors.

The chemistry between Kate and Jarrod is smokin hot.

If I had anything negative to say, it would be that Marianne Curley needed to write a sequel. It left it wide open for one. Hey, maybe we can get a petition together and present it to her. What do you say?
Solid 5 stars for Old Magic!

Jarrod is the new kid in a small town but there is something different with this boy and Kate catches this the moment Jarrod steps inside the classroom. Jarrod is like Kate but different from Kate because he is unaware of his gift and is in denial about it. However, this new boy has a terrible secret; a curse that tears his family apart. And the only way to break this curse is to accept his gift and the help from Kate.This book is AMAZING. I never thought that I would love this book as much as I did. It was an exciting book. For a change the male character Jarrod is not the perfect kind of guy. He is somebody who is insecure and lacks confidence at the many parts of the story he is spineless while the female lead female character Kate is the confident one who is strong and sure of herself. The roles were switched here and there is non of those damsel in distress kind of thing if there is a damsel in distress the person is a he and he is Jarrod. The guy really needed confidence in a big dose. There were times that I hated him because no matter how many evidences that Kate presented to her he still doesn’t believe her. And the times that he blew Kate off I just want to crack his head. But the guy is really sweet and a loyal friend all he needed is just confidence.The part that I really love about the book is the part where they traveled to the Medieval era. This is the big turning point of the story. Jarrod is starting to grow up and develop self confidence to be able to fight Rhauk. Rhauk is really the definition of evil. Gosh!! I wanted to kill the guy myself. I have seen his kind of evil in movies but reading about it puts me on the edge. I was shouting and really frustrated. I wanted Rhauk to be killed. Oh he was so evil. I was always on the edge with this book. It is one of the exciting books I have read. Full of magic and witchcraft. Totally a different type of paranormal reading journey.

The book caught me off guard I never expected it to be this good. It was exciting and full of action. There was romance in it and friendship. I recommend this book to everyone.

Questions and Answers – The Perfect Title

Arina asked me the following question in a tweet this morning – 21st of June, 2014.

How do you come up with a title?


A title is important. After all, along with the cover, it’s the first image a reader is going to have of your book. So you want that title to grasp the main content of your story, reflect your writing style and the novel’s genre. And you want to do this in as few words as possible.

So how did I come up with my titles? My first, Old Magic, had a literal sense to the essence of the story. Kate uses the words ‘old magic’ in dialogue. It was the vehicle used to solve Jarrod’s ancient family curse. Old Magic was essentially perfect and my editor agreed.

My second book was The Named. This was a nightmare and in the end I didn’t pick it. I had a working title that was, according to my editor in an email exchange I wasn’t supposed to read, absolutely hideous and needed changing immediately.  On reflection I can see now how bad my original title was. It didn’t say anything about what the book was about. It didn’t tell the reader it was a young adult paranormal fantasy with time travel. It didn’t say it was about a special group of people with paranormal powers who were chosen to keep the world safe.

I got better at picking titles with The Dark and The Key and I believe that was because these two were the second and third books that followed The Named and I knew the titles were perfect when they came into my head while I was writing them.

My fifth book Hidden wasn’t so easy and my editor picked the title. It was on my short list anyway, so I was happy to give my approval. I had three different working titles for Broken, but by the time I finished the manuscript I had selected Broken and knew it was right.

Coming up with a title is a different experience with every novel. Some titles just pop into your head as you write them. These are the easy ones. It’s as if your sub-conscious is selecting them, and you know right away that they’re going to work. While other titles you have to think a lot about, brainstorm possibilities, seek advice from colleagues, family and friends. After your readers have read your manuscript, ask them to come up with three titles for you. I’ve done this, and it can prove to be a great help because sometimes you’re just too close to the story to see the perfect title.  

I want to say that in the end it’s your choice, but that’s not necessarily so, unless you self-publish. I trust my publisher because they have the marketing skills and they know what’s selling out there in the big world.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your novel, and good luck in coming up with the perfect title.



My Most Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Everyone

My writing career is going on fifteen years now and during that time I have been asked hundreds of questions in interviews with magazines, newspapers, writer’s groups and the like. Inevitably some questions are the same, again and again, and this gave me the idea to select a few of those questions and put my replies up on my blog, which will simultaneously be posted on my new website: http://www.mariannecurley7.com.

The first question and answer is below, but first I have good news to share about The Avena Series. About six weeks ago, I handed the third and final book to The Avena Series in to my publisher Bloomsbury. It’s called FEARLESS, and I have just heard that my editor loved it. Yeessss!!! Yeessss! Yehooo! This is me, the closest I can get to jumping up and down!

Ask any author and they will tell you it’s always a nervous time waiting for your editor’s decision and subsequent comments for improvement. Believe me, there will be revisions, but that’s okay. I don’t mind revisions. The hard work I can take, knowing the editor’s objective and professional views will lead to improvements that will make FEARLESS a fantastic finale. I’m actually looking forward to sinking back into Ebony and Nathaneal and Jordan’s hearts, their minds and the worlds they come from.

I will keep you posted on completion and publication dates as they are confirmed to me.

So here is one of my most frequently asked question:

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?


I remember enjoying writing stories when I was a young girl, eight, nine and older, but it wasn’t until my early thirties when I started writing with the idea of publication one day. Up until then I hadn’t thought of writing a story someone else might want to read. I was content to read, the bigger the book the better.  

When I was growing up we didn’t have any books at home, except for a set of encyclopaedias to help us do our homework. They were amazing books, especially for children, and I got a lot out of reading them. But we didn’t have fiction books. And once I’d read “Oliver Twist”, I was hooked. I became very familiar with my school libraries.  

When in my early thirties, I had just started back in the work force after my three children had all started school. I was teaching various classes in Office Administration and Computer Studies at an adult technical college part time, and though I enjoyed teaching I felt there was something else I wanted to do with my life. I enrolled in one writing course after another, entered a few short story competitions, and from the encouragement I received from my tutors began writing manuscripts of around 50-80 thousand words. I remember being surprised at how wonderful it felt to complete my first full-length manuscript. My first book was a romance and was promptly rejected by romance book publishers. But that did nothing to dissuade me. I penned another seven romances before I finally got the message that romance writing was not my forte. (It’s harder than it looks!) My daughters, who were at the time young teens and voracious readers, asked me to write a book for their age. I ran through an idea with them at the dinner table and when they gave me their excited approval I went ahead and wrote a dystopian novel I called ‘Enerith’. It wasn’t published, and neither were the two that came after it, but I have not looked back. I knew then the type of books that suited my style were paranormal fantasies in a modern setting for young adults.

‘Old Magic’ was my fourth try at a young adult novel. It was sold within three weeks to the highest bidder at a London mini-auction, and translated into more than a dozen international languages.

‘Old Magic’ has not stopped spinning its magic for me yet. I hope to have exciting news to tell you in my next blog.

Until next time, take care of each other.