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The Avena Series is Now Complete

Hi everyone

The Avena Series is now complete. Today, the third and final book in the series is released. The title is FEARLESS, and it’s a paranormal fantasy about angels, specifically an angel meant to be with her soul-mate prince forever but who is kidnapped at birth, hidden in a valley surrounded by mountains and raised by a childless couple mourning the loss of their newborn baby. This couple are in such deep grief that one look at the infant and they accept the unusual and strict terms of her adoption. They keep these conditions secret until Ebony, at the age of sixteen, finds herself changing and turns to her parents with questions as she seeks to find out who, or what, she really is.

For those of you looking for the e-book edition, it will be available tomorrow, the same day the UK paperback edition is released.

To celebrate the release of FEARLESS, my seventh published book, I will be appearing at Dymocks, in Sydney’s CBD, at 11 am on Saturday, 18th of July. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate with me. My thanks to Dymocks and Bloomsbury Publishing for hosting what will be a wonderful event. Also appearing will be Sonia Palmisano, Bloomsbury Publishing’s Marketing & Publicity Manager for Children’s Books, who will be giving a not-to-be-missed presentation of Bloomsbury’s up and coming young adult titles.

Invitation to FEARLESS Launch

Invitation to FEARLESS Launch

Countdown to FEARLESS Release in 5 weeks and 4 days

Invitation to FEARLESS Launch

Invitation to FEARLESS Launch

Dymocks and Bloomsbury Publishing are holding a launch to celebrate the release of FEARLESS. So if you are in Sydney in July, on the 18th at 11 am, I will be at Dymocks, 424 George Street, and I would love to meet you and sign your books.

This is going to be a great event as I will be sharing the launch with Bloomsbury’s amazing Young Adult Manager, Sonia Palmisano, who will be giving an exclusive preview of Bloomsbury’s upcoming Young Adult books.

Bloggers and Young Adult fans, this is an event not to be missed. Come and have a great time. Details are on the Invitation posted above.

I am especially looking forward to this event as I was born in Sydney in the outer suburb of Windsor on the Hawkesbury River. I went to Marayong Primary School and Rooty Hill High, worked in Pitt Street as a Stenographer while commuting from Plumpton, and subsequently from my first home in St Clair.

FEARLESS will be my seventh published book, the final in the Avena Series, and I could not be more thrilled to celebrate the release with a launch in my home state.

I look forward to seeing you there.



Win a Signed Copy of Broken

Win a Signed Copy of Broken

A Little About Myself

I have been fortunate to live in beautiful areas almost all of my life. Born in the Hawkesbury Valley of New South Wales in May, 1959, my family home was a timber house on a hundred-acre farm growing potatoes, pumpkins and corn right on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. My mother and father worked the farm while raising four children. The eldest were two boys, a year apart, then my sister a year later, and finally me, the youngest by almost four years. I have fond memories of the house on the farm, the outside laundry at the end of a veranda with timber slats, my big brothers catching wildlife in buckets to scare ‘the girls’ half to death. I remember frosty mornings in winter, swimming in summer, and catching a minibus to school at St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Richmond.

But half-way through Kindergarten a massive flood washed our house away and all of our belongings. It was the first major move in my life. My parents found a small property they liked at Plumpton, on the outskirts of Sydney where there were still open green spaces at the time. On a dirt road called Glendening they had a brick house built where I shared a room with my sister. I attended Marayong Primary and Infants School, and then Rooty Hill High School. I remember both schools quite vividly – the layout of the buildings and classrooms, the assemblies, standing on the asphalt for ages while the sun burned down on our heads (before hats were compulsory). I remember my friends, especially my best friend Denise Chemmello. I was sad and lonely for years after she moved to Freemantle, WA. And I remember the teachers, some more so than others.

My next major move occurred after I had married John Curley at 21, and had three children. We decided to raise our young family in Coffs Harbour, a tourist area on the mid north coast of New South Wales. It was the perfect place to venture into writing. Well known for its stunning beauty and diverse landscape, Coffs Harbour is where the Blue Mountains almost meet the Pacific Ocean, creating a unique environment of beaches, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, creeks, rivers, lush green valleys and even its own mild and breezy weather.

Today I live on Mount Tamborine in Queensland’s Gold Coast Hinterland. It wasn’t easy finding another area as conducive to writing my paranormal books as Coffs Harbour, where I had written my first four. But there came a time when I felt that I had to move. In 2004 I became seriously ill with bone marrow cancer and a back crush fracture of several vertebra of my low back during a fall immediately after my stem-cell transplant. The memories of being so close to death and in significant pain seemed to close in around me. Coffs Harbour now held memories I found difficult to deal with on a daily basis. I yearned for a fresh new start. And my daughter Amanda and son-in-law Chris were married by now and had moved to Brisbane. They were expecting their first child and I didn’t want to be living in a different state, seven hundred kilometres away, when I became a grandmother for the first time. I now have two amazing grandchildren.

Here, on this beautiful mountain there are still rainforests, crystal clear creeks, waterfalls and views across the Border Ranges or Surfer’s Paradise and Brisbane. And on top of that, artists of all different kinds live here. This is where I write now. With my rainforest backyard to look at for inspiration. It’s where I wrote my new trilogy, The Avena Series – Hidden, Broken and Fearless. And it’s where my next writing adventure is about to begin.