Author: Marianne Curley

Best selling Australian writer of YA Fiction including The Guardians of Time Series - The Named, The Dark, The Key, The Shadow, with two more to finish this series. Marianne's other books include The Avena Series - Hidden, Broken and Fearless. She is currently working on her new YA paranormal fantasy, a YA contemporary and Books 5 and 6 of The Guardians of Time Series.

Hidden & Broken in French

Fantastical and powerfully emotional, this angelic romance series is rapidly winning enthusiastic fans

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Exciting news for The Avena Series. French-speaking Canadians are about to see Hidden and Broken on their bookshop shelves. Dissimulée and Écorchée will both be released in paperback on the 13th of May, 2016, by publisher – Éditions AdA inc.

Happy reading everyone!

HIDDEN in French by Canadian Publisher ADAQuand il m’a pris Ebony, j’ai su que je passerais toute ma vie à la chercher. Maintenant que je l’ai trouvée, il fera tout en son pouvoir pour nous séparer. Ebony a mené une vie coupée du monde réel. Elle n’est pas préparée à vivre les bouleversements qui bientôt lui arrivent. Et ces événements ne sont qu’une partie d’une découverte qui bousculera tout son univers. Ebony n’a pas été «surprotégée». Elle a été tenue dans l’ombre. Maintenant que son milieu de vie n’est plus un secret, qui en premier la trouvera?

Ebony has always known that she is different. Her violet eyes mark her out, and her protective parents have kept her in a gorgeous valley, home-schooled, safe from everything – almost as if she’s being hidden. But she’s changing: glowing, getting more and more beautiful, and stronger than anyone knows. Ebony can’t stay hidden for ever, and when she meets complicated, intense Jordan, something explodes inside her – something that can be seen from the heavens; something that changes everything. Ebony is a stolen angel, concealed on Earth. Now the heavens have found her, they want her back.

BROKEN in French by Canadian Publisher ADA

Ebony a toujours su qu’elle était différente. Mais lorsqu’elle découvre sa véritable nature, elle refuse de le croire. Elle est unique. Déracinée de son foyer à la naissance et cachée sur Terre, elle ignore tout de l’endroit d’où elle vient. Cependant, son passé refait surface et Ebony se retrouve de plus en plus déchirée entre ceux qu’elle aime et son destin réel, à mesure que des forces différentes l’entraînent dans un tourbillon infernal.

Following the revelation that Ebony is an angel, and Nathaneal’s narrow victory in battle with Prince Luca, the two are enjoying their newfound love. But Ebony’s friend Jordan is bitterly angry that he has lost the girl of his dreams. Then suddenly Prince Michael arrives to arrest Nathaneal for breaking Avena’s law when he revealed his powers on Earth in his bid to save Ebony from Luca. Nathaneal is forced to return to Avena without Ebony to stand trial.

Jordan seizes the opportunity to plant doubt in Ebony’s mind about Nathaneal and her own angelic nature. Desperate to find out what has happened to her adoptive parents, Ebony is persuaded by Jordan to believe that new teacher Mr Xavier, who claims to be her uncle, can introduce her to her real father. Disaster inevitably follows and Ebony finds herself at the centre of another epic battle in the realm of Avena itself.

Comment on an Old Favourite

Old Magic UK Hardcover & OZ Paperback

First Edition Cover of Old Magic

On Goodreads this morning I found this comment left by Letti from Longreach, California.
“I first read Old Magic when I was in 7th grade back in 2000. I remember borrowing the copy from a friend who raved about it. And we literally passed the same copy around through a huge group of friends. We were all in love with Jarrod. I have great memories of this book not only because of the story itself but because of the love for reading that this book sparked.”
Thank you, Letti, for making Old Magic, that was already special to me as my first published book, even more special.
Old Magic Covers Four

Four Covers of Old Magic

FEARLESS – Released Today in the USA

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FEARLESS is available from today in the United States. This means all three books of The Avena Series are now released and available from any good bookshop for you to read. Thank you to Bloomsbury Publishers for their commitment to the series and to their wonderful staff.

Here is a link to What Inspired The Avena Series.

For those of you who haven’t read the series yet, now is great time to pick up all three books for a mega reading session. The books are also available to download as e-books.

I’m often asked what I read for pleasure and if I read a lot of Young Adult books. I will read almost anything, but I am drawn to Historical Fiction, YA and Adult Paranormal and Fantasy, Contemporary Thrillers, especially with a touch of Sci Fi, and Romances with extraordinary heroines and heroes. But what I really need to enjoy my reading for pleasure is TIME. If anyone knows how to slow it down so I can fit more reading for pleasure in my day, please write to me.

I just recently finished reading a Young Adult Paranormal series of books written by Jennifer L. Armentrout, an American best-selling author. They were called The Dark Elements. They began with White Hot Kiss, Stone Cold Touch and Every Last Breath. Here is a link to her website: Jennifer L. Armentrout

I found the Dark Elements Series an unexpected surprise of the best kind. As soon as I finished Book 1, I had to start reading Book 2 as if I were turning the page. The same happened with Book 3, but Every Last Breath was one the most satisfying endings that I’ve read in this genre for a long time. This is YA Paranormal Fantasy at its best. I recommend them for new writers because they are great examples of fast-paced plotting and really well-formed characters.



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I couldn’t believe what happened today. I received a parcel wrapped in black paper and plastic. It was marked with a date stamp from the Czech Republic that read JUNE 2015, a whole four months ago, and my first thought was to wonder what happened to delay it coming to me until today, the last day of October? I had a suspicion what it contained when I saw the name of the return sender – Nancy Králová. Back in March Nancy had finished writing a fan sequel to the Guardians of Time called “The Bond”, and had a some copies printed with a professional finish for her friends and family.

What started out as a school project and ended up inspiring Nancy to become a writer of her own books, which she very kindly gives me the credit for. It was her passion for the Guardians of Time Trilogy that got Nancy started on her career choice, her love for the characters within the series – Arkarian, Ethan, Isabel and Matt to name a few. I wish Nancy the best for her future endeavours and hope to see her own creations in the near future. And I thank her for taking the time to send me a copy of her printed fan-sequel “The Bond”.

It was a joy to receive it.   Nancy Pic 4

The funny thing was, when the parcel arrived – after four months – my husband John insisted on taking some photographs of me opening it. Apparently Nancy had written to John in a private message through Facebook, telling him how she’d sent me a copy of her fan-sequel “The Bond”, and would he please take some photos once it arrived. Only it didn’t arrive for so long and poor Nancy had gone to her post office in the Czech Republic to see what had happened. There wasn’t a lot they could do from there except offer her the cost of her postage back, which Nancy didn’t want a part of anymore. She just wanted her book to arrive. 

From what I could ascertain, when the parcel came through customs, and haven’t we all seen this happen on TV on Border Security, the parcel must have looked suspicious and was taken for further examination. It was opened by Australia Post for inspection by Quarantine. The process took all that time before they re-wrapped it and allowed it to be delivered to me.

Here are a few pictures of the event that has now had a happy ending.

Nancy Pic 1

Nancy Pic 7

English Conversations

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Today, while chatting with my very smart neighbour, English teacher and writer, Mark White, he showed me his website called English Conversations, where he and friend Aaron Campbell run lessons on how to write, speak and read English. This site is definitely worth a visit if you want to improve your skills, no matter your level or ability. English Conversations has been running for fifteen years, and the lessons are easy to understand, easy to follow, interesting, quite unique and have audio. You will find a wide variety and number of individual lessons, as well as interactive stories and pod casts.

English Conversations’ philosophy is like this:

“We believe strongly that education is the key to a healthy, thriving society. In the long term, a society that provides free knowledge will be able to solve all its problems. A society that limits the free flow of knowledge, however, places internal divisions on itself and thus hampers human growth.

Human knowledge is stored and transmitted in human language. This means that language is a key to understanding, and in order to act wisely we need to understand our situation and our neighbours first. Understanding is the key and because of this, language learning, in many ways, must be the basis of an educational system.

That goes for every language. We should all try to master other languages, not just English, in order to expand our outlook. Language is not just a means of communication. It is also the framework upon which we build our ideas; the operating system we use when we think.”

English Conversations

Ten Random Things About Fearless and The Avena Series

On the recent Fearless Blog Tour, Fiction Fascination, ran a post about Ten Random Things on Fearless and The Avena Series. For those of you who didn’t catch it, I’ve put it up here on my website. If you want to see the original, you can see it by clicking here: Fiction Fascination

The Avena Series - Hidden, Broken and Fearless

The Avena Series – Hidden, Broken and Fearless

Ten Random Facts About Fearless (The Avena Series)

1. When I learned that Bloomsbury Publishing had offered me a contract to publish all three books of the Avena Series, I was so overwhelmed that I cried with joy for an hour. It had been eight years since my last book, The Key, had been published.

2. I had originally called the angel Isaac, Thaddeus – Thad, for short, but it sounded too similar to Nathaneal’s shortened name of Thane, so I changed it. Thad and Thane was not going to happen.

3. While writing Fearless, I listened to songs filled with drama and passion. One in particular rang a chord for me with its themes of grace and mercy, faith and hope. It’s called “Healing Is In Your Hands” by Christy Nickols.

4. Whenever I needed particular inspiration for a specific scene, I would pace my office with my music turned up and a sticky note pinned to the door that read, “Enter at your own peril or with coffee in hand”.

5. Prince Luca’s dark world of Skade was called Zorn until my editor pointed out the name sounded too sci-fi. This was not what I wanted so I changed it.

6. I sketched Ebony’s wings more than a dozen times before I figured out how she was going to be able to fly with them.

7. My biggest distractions during the writing of Fearless were my pets and the wildlife that feed from my back deck – parrots, rosellas, lorikeets, bower birds, possums, snakes and bush turkeys.

8. By the time Fearless was finished I had cut 30,000 words from the original draft.

9. While writing Fearless over the course of one year I consumed nine hundred cups of coffee.

10. During my six-month stay in Westmead Hospital for a stem-cell bone marrow transplant in 2004, I could have sworn my oncologist was a real angel.

Interview by Paula Xiberras of the Tasmanian Times


Interview by Paula Xiberras of The Tasmanian Times, dated July 31st, 2015

The name ‘Curley’ means ‘strong man’ but in this case the name refers to a strong woman and to borrow the title of her most recent novel a ‘fearless’ one at that.

Marianne Curley has never been to Tasmania but her family has and Marianne would love to.

We are having a chat about Marianne’s new novel ‘Fearless’. The third in the Avena series detailing the romance between angels Nathaneal and Ebony.

Marianne says the inspiration behind the books was to bring to the supernatural genre a different kind of angelic experience. Marianne was alarmed at all the dark supernatural stories with attacking angels and wanted something more positive that portrayed ‘angels as beautiful beings’.

How does Marianne explain the popularity of the supernatural genre? Marianne believes that young people sometimes feel they are on the outer and just want to be accepted. Nowadays there are further problems for young people, like bullying to deal with. Paranormal fiction richly populated with an array of fantastic creatures that show individuality, uniqueness and difference are acceptable and can be celebrated, as often these characters have amazing super powers. It is these fantastical, superhero features that allows Marianne to give readers some escapism without limits, even worldly ones! And a romance involving a strong heroine.

Marianne is well known for her very visual writing and who can argue when reading her imaginative description of a gate in the sky composed of a human body, or so accurately describes the doubling over pain that an angel goes through as her wings come in. Marianne is an avid science reader and subscriber to scientific journals and says that the descriptions in her books are always scientifically based. Marianne’s writing about angels, too, is informed by their biblical realisation.

Marianne says she can be inspired in her writing at any time, even while brushing her teeth! She keeps pen and notepads near her bed as she is known to wake her husband from slumber, sometimes by both literally and metaphorically, having a light bulb moment at 2 am!

As to her heroines pain on getting those angel wings, she says from her own experience of experiencing treatment for a medical condition that sometimes we need to know pain to be able to appreciate the good things.

When she was in her previous life as an adult TAFE teacher Marianne started thinking if she could be a success at writing and realised after doing some creative writing courses that she could actually write! Next for Marianne are two contemporary stand-alone young adult novels and then she says she will be back to the paranormal genre that she loves

The ability of Marianne’s fantasy novels to reach reader’s reality is indicated by an Instagram name and a pet dog that assume the name Arkarian, one of her most popular characters (from the Guardian’s of Time series).

Fearless is out now published by Bloomsbury.

A Twist of Fate – The Avena Series Unpublished Chapter

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For those who may have missed the unpublished chapter from The Avena Series called A Twist of Fate, which was very kindly hosted by Gina, from Behind The Pages, I have put it up on my website here. I hope you enjoy reading this previously unpublished chapter which gives us eyes on the abduction of Ebony’s parents John and Heather.

A Twist of Fate

JOHN HAWKINS hears his daughter leave the house at dawn. He pulls himself out of bed, goes to the window and watches her walk in her usual brisk style across the frost-bitten lawn to the barn. A knot in his stomach tightens at how quickly the years have passed, how quickly she has grown from the exquisite infant to the beautiful young woman she is today. She’ll be seventeen next birthday, and then . . . he can hardly bring himself to say it.

‘Eighteen,’ he murmurs, his warm breath condensing into fog on the chilled glass. The year when most parents should be worried about their child moving away to university, John struggles with the knowledge he will never see his baby girl again. And when the time nears, what is he supposed to tell her? How will he tell her?

John glances at his wife, restful in sleep finally after sobbing into her pillow for hours. Ever since they told Ebony part of the truth about her birth, it’s as if they made the awful other part real, as if they physically dragged it out of its secret hiding place of denial they’d kept it all these years and sat it in the centre of the living room in a big white box.

And now that Ebony knows some of the truth, she will want to know it all. How long can they keep pretending? She was only theirs to raise until he returned to collect her – on her eighteenth birthday.

Sighing, John slips back into bed. There’s nothing he can do right now except to seek comfort from the one who knows everything, the one who understands his aching heart.

He wraps his arm around his wife of twenty-four years and pulls her close, kissing the top of her head while inhaling the familiar scent of peonies and vanilla. Childhood sweethearts they were, at least after all the passing years their love for each other hasn’t changed.

But what will happen to them after she’s gone? Will they blame each other? Was it better to have said, “No, we’ll pass on the adoption, thank you for offering?” They had just lost their newborn baby boy. And once he’d seen the infant John could not have said, “No”, and nor could Heather. When the baby stared up at them with those magnetising violet eyes and radiant skin, they knew she was special and they’d turned to each other with no need for words.

John drifts into an uneasy sleep and later will not remember what woke him. It could have been an odd, pungent odour seeping in under the bedroom door, or the sense of a presence watching him.

He opens his eyes, sees a tall man with memorable cinnamon-coloured eyes in a familiar black coat and Fedora looking at him and gasps, ‘No. No. What are you doing here? It’s not time yet.’

‘I’ve not come for the child.’

‘John . . . ?’ Heather murmurs, stirring from her deep slumber.

‘Rouse yourselves and dress quickly,’ the man says. ‘Choose sensible travelling clothes.’

‘Why?’ John asks. ‘Where are we going? What do you want from us?’

            ‘Don’t concern yourselves with details. It will be best for you both to just do as I say.’

Heather sits up and gasps, tugging the doona to her neck. ‘I don’t understand what’s going on here,’ she says, waking more thoroughly, ‘but I’m not going anywhere without our daughter. Y-you can just leave, mister.’

The tall man closes his eyes for longer than a normal blink, inhaling more deeply than a normal breath. When he opens his eyes again, sadness lingers, pity even, but fleetingly, and is gone before either John or Heather notice. What they do notice are six tall men and women who suddenly walk into their room, all in similar black clothing.

‘W-what’s happening?’ John asks, trembling. ‘W-why have you brought these people into our house?’

‘They’re of no concern to you unless you disobey me.’

Heather grips her husband’s arm, her fingers digging into his flesh as she takes in the scene before her. ‘What do you want from us?’

‘We’re going on a journey together. Now, get up and dress yourselves, or do you require assistance?’ The man’s eyes drift purposefully to the man standing on his left side, then to the woman on his right.

John goes to the wardrobe, yanking clothes down from both ends. He hurries back to help his wife dress first. ‘Why are you doing this to us?’ he asks.

The man tilts his head. ‘You were warned.’

Heather cries out, ‘But we didn’t tell her everything.’

            ‘You were told to tell her nothing.’

‘We can undo it,’ Heather pleads. ‘We can tell her we . . . we made it up, that we lied to . . . to . . . Please, don’t take us away.’

‘Are you going to kill us?’ John asks.

The man walks to the wardrobe without answering. He runs a long finger across the racks until he finds what he’s looking for, tugging down a coat for each of them. ‘Put these on.’

‘When will you bring us back?’ Heather asks, donning her coat. ‘I need to leave Ebony a note.’ She makes for her dresser, but one of the six moves quickly and blocks her.

Throwing a hand over her mouth, Heather backs down but doesn’t give up, ‘Please . . . let me tell my daughter something, if not where we’re going, or for how long, at least that we’re okay and that we will be coming back. Please!’

Turning to his six companions, the man speaks to them in a language John and Heather don’t understand. Confused and scared, the pair holds each other. With eyes wide and staring, their bodies trembling, they watch the six close in around them. Dread and desperation clutches their hearts, and they wonder if they will ever return home, ever hold their daughter in their arms again.

 * * * * * * *

The Birth of Ebrielle – The Avena Series

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For those who may have missed the unpublished chapter from The Avena Series called The Birth of Ebrielle, which was very kindly hosted by I have put it up on my website here. And don’t forget tomorrow is the last day of my Australian and UK Blog Tour. Another unpublished chapter will be hosted at Thank you to everyone of the Fearless Blog Tour Hosts, it was a pleasure to be on your pages.

And don’t forgot, I will be at Dymocks in Sydney on Saturday at 11 am. Feel free to drop in and say hello.

The Birth of Ebrielle

SECRETED deep in the Lavender Forest of Avena, four angels gather together in a birthing chamber of intricate silk webbing. In the chamber’s centre, lying on a bed of soft goose feathers is Lady Elesha in her twenty-fifth hour of labour. Clutching her hand is her partner, Commander Rhamiel, concern etched in the lines furrowing the bronze skin of his forehead.

Standing beside the Commander is the young Prince Nathaneal.

While Myrinda, the midwife, tends her patient’s needs with untiring attention even though it has been a very long day.

Wanting to comfort his wife, Rhamiel releases his wings with gentle and expert precision, bringing the silken tips round to caress the sides of Elesha’s straining face. Though he acknowledges his limited experience in this field, Rhamiel’s concern continues to grow, recalling how their first child’s labour had lasted for seven hours and not a moment more.

Standing quietly watching, not once complaining of how long it is taking, the boy-prince’s yellow eyebrows furrow beneath the flop of hair that sweeps across his forehead. His arms go rigid by his sides as Lady Elesha once again stiffens and arches her back in a contraction that brings the prince’s tally to five hundred and thirty-two. And he wonders yet again how Lady Elesha can endure it.

Though unrelated by blood to the expectant parents, the prince understands the importance of his presence – a witness to the birth of a future royal bride – his bride. Since his wings have not yet emerged, and will not do so until the onset of his pubescent years, all he can do to calm his anxiety is clench and unclench his fists.

Prince Nathaneal does not doubt Lady Elesha’s strength. He has known and admired her for all of his seven years. She is his mother’s friend and equal to his father in rank. His mother often regaled him with stories of the battles they fought, facing demons and dark angels in combat for centuries before his birth.

But Lady Elesha hasn’t cried out once, as his mother warned was usual at such times, and he is not a stupid boy. His teachers’ reports overflow with praise of his high intellect. He knows that by now Lady Elesha’s suffering is more than most can bear, that she is – simply put – in agony, no matter how she chooses to mask it on his or the Commander’s behalf.

Elesha smiles at the prince, takes his hand and lays it on her swollen belly in an action that is so swift Nathaneal finds his fingers locked in the Lady’s steel grip before he has a chance to protest or withdraw.

Beneath his fingers a sudden flutter occurs, followed by a burst of powerful emotion, with a vision and a message. The prince’s bright blue eyes widen at the unexpected connection – a mind-link, forged from within the womb, with words and images shaped and uttered by the infant’s mind for him. Astonished, he glances up. ‘She spoke to me. She remembers our time together in the spirit world. And she showed me things.’ Murmurs of amazement pass between the parents and midwife as they digest what an incredible feat has just occurred. ‘She asked,’ the prince laughs, ‘if I belong to her.’

Lady Elesha gasps at her daughter’s audacity, while the Commander and midwife erupt with laughter. Oblivious to the adults’ amusement, Nathaneal understands something astounding is happening. Memories blast into existence, memories of their great love, of the life they shared whilst they were both in the spirit world for the last three thousand years, and of their promise to find each other.

On the cusp of their imminent reunion, a sense of protection has the prince looking around the chamber, checking for cracks, loose threads, any sign of unravelling. So intense is his examination that he misses the question the Commander asks.

‘I’m sorry, my lord, did you say something?’

Amused at the prince’s excitement, Commander Rhamiel repeats his question, ‘Did you answer my daughter, Nathaneal?’

‘I did, my lord. I said, “Yes, Ebrielle, I am the one who belongs to you.” It was the code we came up with, a question one of us would ask the other to be sure we’d truly found each other.’

‘Ebrielle?’ the Commander says. ‘How did you know that is the name we have chosen for our child? Who told you?’

The boy shrugs. ‘No one told me, my Lord. It’s the name I know her by, what I called her all those years we shared together in our spirit form.’

Rhamiel and Elesha exchange wondrous glances.

Hoping for another chance to communicate with his future bride; and wanting to ease Lady Elesha’s suffering, Nathaneal places his palm once more on the Lady’s belly, splays his fingers and, in the way of his training, wills calm energy to dull Lady Elesha’s sense of pain. His hand glows and Elesha sighs and closes her eyes for an indulgent moment.

She glances at the young prince. ‘You have the healer’s touch, Nathaneal.’

He smiles. ‘So I am told, my lady.’

‘Thank you, Nathaneal, but I think…’ Replacing his hand with her own, Elesha circles her swollen abdomen, uttering softly, ‘it appears, now that our little angel knows you are here, she is in a hurry to make her appearance.’

As the Commander ruffles the prince’s yellow hair, the midwife announces, ‘Time you were gone from here, my young prince. Your betrothed is about to join us and I’m sure she would not be pleased to know you were the first to see her naked!’

The Commander roars with laughter. So amused by Myrinda’s declaration he forges a mind-link to Prince Jaquel, Nathaneal’s father, in charge of the protective guard that presently surrounds them.

In the dark forest outside the chamber, with no lights to give away their secret location, Prince Jaquel laughs, and thinking to relieve his soldier’s tension, forges the amusing anecdote to the guards nearest him, who in turn mind-link the tale to the soldiers in the trees.

Hearing subdued laughter seeping through the chamber walls, Nathaneal identifies his father’s as the loudest and cringes. Though he is aware that he must leave quickly he must also be careful not to break the chamber’s protective seal. But his belt buckle catches on a sticky silken thread, pulling several more from the tight weave with each movement. His father notices and moves quickly to assist him. With his adept and experienced fingers, untangling his son’s buckle should only take a mere second, but Jaquel’s torso is still jumping with mirth and his fingers move more like thumbs.

Nathaneal shoves his father’s hands away. ‘Leave me be, father, you are making it worse. I will do it on my own.’

Overhearing the exchange, soldiers pass looks to one another with eyebrows raised.

Prince Jaquel steps back, hands in the air, mouth drawn straight and tight. His soldiers talk to him with more respect than his own son. With humiliation burning inside, he grits his teeth and hisses, ‘Do it quickly, Nathaneal, or you risk breaking the seal, allowing light to beam into the heavens for our enemies to see.’

It takes only a few moments to free himself, but the prince fears his efforts have taken too long. Finally he steps aside, and looking through the dark shadows he notices a wave of grey mist rolling through the trees towards them. He glances to the sky and observes the grey mist obliterating the stars with unnatural speed. ‘Father!’

Commander Jaquel rushes over, observes the mist and frowns. ‘I don’t like this.’ With his senses on high alert, his head slightly tilted, eyes darting in all directions into a darkness that continues to darken further, he listens. With eyes wide with dread, he withdraws his sword and commands his troops, ‘To arms!’ Throwing his son a quick glance, he hisses, ‘Now we shall see the damage you have done.’

The next thing Nathaneal hears is the precise swishing of steel as five hundred swords unsheathe in the darkness, followed by his father’s command against his ear, ‘Return to base as fast as you can.’

Though young and inexperienced in battle, it is not Nathaneal’s nature to run. ‘Father, don’t send me away, I can help.’

Flying demons swoop down from the skies, screeching in a guttural language the soldiers cannot understand. With bared, razor-sharp teeth the demons bring down the soldiers, gnawing at their limbs, igniting everything they touch into flames.

‘Go, Nathaneal, now!’ Knowing the boy’s courage could one day be his undoing, but that it should not be today, Commander Jaquel grabs his son by the shoulders and turns him to face direct south. ‘Run and keep running until you find Prince Michael. Inform him of what has happened. Hurry!’

Nathaneal runs fast, scattering the creatures of the forest. He puts distance behind him so rapidly their temporary camp lights soon come into focus.

But a sudden bright flash ignites the sky overhead. He stops and turns. The air shudders before him, trees shredding their leaves as a great wave of pulsing energy lifts him off his feet and hurls him backwards into trees bent over to half their size. He staggers up, aghast at the destruction, the forest laid bare, thick smoke rising in the shape of a mushroom cloud, pushing up into the night sky above the area of the birthing chamber.


Did I do this? He questions himself.

If only I hadn’t been in such a hurry to get out! 

A flock of black-winged demons, with a dark angel at their centre, fly fast towards him, and as they pass high overhead he hears a wailing cry. The sound is foreign to the young prince’s ears, but only for an instant before he recognises her voice. ‘Ebrielle,’ he gasps with a shadow of a small smile, ‘you’re alive. Take heart, for I will come. I will find you.’

* * * * * * *


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So much is happening this week with my Australian and UK Blog Tour for FEARLESS beginning tomorrow, Monday, July 13, at the wonderful blog site of: where we will be revealing the Fearless Book Trailer.

On Tuesday 14th head to: for the reveal of the unpublished chapter from the Avena Series called, “The Birth of Ebrielle”, originally to be a Prologue at the beginning of HIDDEN. I would love to know if it had been published, would it have changed your reading experience in any way of the rest of the series.

My next stop on Wednesday, July 15, I have a Guest Blog Post on two sites: and where I will be talking about some very special creatures.

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