A Page from The Shadow in Isabel’s View



Marianne Curley

The countdown continues, with only 14 days left until The Shadow is released on March 10, 2018.

The battle is over.  The war is won.  The prophecy complete.


The Shadow Cover Every time I look at Ethan my heart aches. He’s so broken up, it’s killing him. And I foresaw Rochelle’s death in a vision. I knew how it was going to happen, just not when. I should have stayed closer to her. I would have recognized signs. She’d still be alive today if I’d done my job right. I can’t let it go. The guilt is eating at me.
    Then there’s Arkarian keeping things from me. Where did he go these last few days? Why doesn’t he let me into his personal life? Doesn’t he trust me anymore? Love and trust go together. Without one, the other doesn’t exist.
    Jimmy waits until we have our backpacks on and hard hats fastened before he starts the lift. With the door shut, a mildew smell makes me want to hold my breath. The lift drops only a few meters before it jerks to a sudden stop, knocking us against each other. Dust fills the cabin space and hangs in the air. As Jimmy gets the lift going again Neriah’s hand reaches for mine.
    A sudden bright light that has nothing to do with being in a bumpy, fast-dropping lift flashes before my eyes, making my head throb. I groan, alarming both Neriah and Jimmy. I lift my hands to indicate that I’m all right, but the light rapidly becomes too bright to bear and the ache so fierce I tug at my hard-hat needing to get it off, but my fingers struggle with the fastener.
    ‘Whoa there, girl. Let me do that.’ Jimmy gets it off fast.
    ‘What’s happening, Jimmy?’ Neriah asks, worried.
    I don’t hear his reply as my legs suddenly give out from under me. But he knows. I’m getting a vision. And as the white light surrounding me dims, my eyes roll up and I get a sense of falling backwards into another place, far, far away.

THE SHADOW – available in Paperback & E-book, is out in 14 days

Keep up to date with Marianne on her website: https://mariannecurley7.com/
E: marianne.curley7@gmail.com
Twitter and Instagram: @Marianne_Curley
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarianneCurleyAuthor/

Marianne’s books:
Old Magic |The Named |The Dark |The Key| Hidden |Broken |Fearless  The Shadow



  1. I am so excited to read this! I can’t believe there’s going to be another book in this awesome series! I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you know if we will be able to get the paperback in the UK soon? I can get the Kindle version but I would love the book too!


    1. Hi Gemma

      So lovely to read you’re so excited for the release of The Shadow. It’s good news for the UK. The paperback will go on sale at the same time as the e-book. If you order from Amazon, it should be delivered in just a few days. You should be able to find it in other bookstores too.



      1. Hi Marianne,

        Thank you for your reply! For some reason Amazon is only offering the Kindle version at the moment. I shall be stalking all the bookshops on release day so I can get my hands on it!

        Many thanks,

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shelby

      I’m so sorry that The Shadow is not released in hardback. Since it’s print-on-demand, I’ll take a look at what it will take to set up a hardback edition, but I can’t promise it will happen. After seven books published traditionally, this is my first self-published title and I’m still learning. If it becomes available I will post a notice on my Website and https://www.facebook.com/MarianneCurleyAuthor/

      All the best


    2. Hi Shelby

      I just found out that where I created The Shadow on a platform called CreateSpace, they do not do hardback editions at this time. I’m sorry your Guardians of Time shelf is going to look a little lopsided with one paperback. If this helps, The Shadow sits a little higher than the paperbacks of The Named, The Dark and The Key. If at any time I am able to make a hardback edition, I will let you know.

      With best wishes


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