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I couldn’t believe what happened today. I received a parcel wrapped in black paper and plastic. It was marked with a date stamp from the Czech Republic that read JUNE 2015, a whole four months ago, and my first thought was to wonder what happened to delay it coming to me until today, the last day of October? I had a suspicion what it contained when I saw the name of the return sender – Nancy Králová. Back in March Nancy had finished writing a fan sequel to the Guardians of Time called “The Bond”, and had a some copies printed with a professional finish for her friends and family.

What started out as a school project and ended up inspiring Nancy to become a writer of her own books, which she very kindly gives me the credit for. It was her passion for the Guardians of Time Trilogy that got Nancy started on her career choice, her love for the characters within the series – Arkarian, Ethan, Isabel and Matt to name a few. I wish Nancy the best for her future endeavours and hope to see her own creations in the near future. And I thank her for taking the time to send me a copy of her printed fan-sequel “The Bond”.

It was a joy to receive it.   Nancy Pic 4

The funny thing was, when the parcel arrived – after four months – my husband John insisted on taking some photographs of me opening it. Apparently Nancy had written to John in a private message through Facebook, telling him how she’d sent me a copy of her fan-sequel “The Bond”, and would he please take some photos once it arrived. Only it didn’t arrive for so long and poor Nancy had gone to her post office in the Czech Republic to see what had happened. There wasn’t a lot they could do from there except offer her the cost of her postage back, which Nancy didn’t want a part of anymore. She just wanted her book to arrive. 

From what I could ascertain, when the parcel came through customs, and haven’t we all seen this happen on TV on Border Security, the parcel must have looked suspicious and was taken for further examination. It was opened by Australia Post for inspection by Quarantine. The process took all that time before they re-wrapped it and allowed it to be delivered to me.

Here are a few pictures of the event that has now had a happy ending.

Nancy Pic 1

Nancy Pic 7


  1. I would love for you to write a Guardians of Time sequel. I read all the books avidly when they first came out on several occasions. i have now rediscovered them as an adult and have gone on to read all your other books (Avena trilogy is amazing aswell) i was so sad when it ended and just wanted to keep reading!! if you ever decide to write a sequel i’m sure it will be well received and i will continue reading whatever books you decide to release in the future, you are an amazing author 🙂


    1. Hi Holly

      Thank you so much for your praise for my books. I’m so pleased to hear how you loved them. I am on the cusp of writing (finally) the fourth book to the Guardians of Time Series. I hope you won’t have to wait too long before I have official news, which will be some months away yet, but I will let you know via my website and Facebook pages when I’ve finished and have a publisher.



      1. Thank you so much for replying!!! That is great news, one of my friends also loved the series so I’m sure she will be thrilled aswell 🙂 can’t wait!


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