English Conversations

Hi everyone

Today, while chatting with my very smart neighbour, English teacher and writer, Mark White, he showed me his website called English Conversations, where he and friend Aaron Campbell run lessons on how to write, speak and read English. This site is definitely worth a visit if you want to improve your skills, no matter your level or ability. English Conversations has been running for fifteen years, and the lessons are easy to understand, easy to follow, interesting, quite unique and have audio. You will find a wide variety and number of individual lessons, as well as interactive stories and pod casts.

English Conversations’ philosophy is like this:

“We believe strongly that education is the key to a healthy, thriving society. In the long term, a society that provides free knowledge will be able to solve all its problems. A society that limits the free flow of knowledge, however, places internal divisions on itself and thus hampers human growth.

Human knowledge is stored and transmitted in human language. This means that language is a key to understanding, and in order to act wisely we need to understand our situation and our neighbours first. Understanding is the key and because of this, language learning, in many ways, must be the basis of an educational system.

That goes for every language. We should all try to master other languages, not just English, in order to expand our outlook. Language is not just a means of communication. It is also the framework upon which we build our ideas; the operating system we use when we think.”

English Conversations

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