Announcing the Winners of the Valentine’s Day Giveaway – Broken, Book 2 of The Avena Series

Broken, Book 2 of The Avena Series

Broken, Book 2 of The Avena Series

Running this competition has been an exciting and eye-opening experience and I thank everyone who entered. There were more entries than I had anticipated and in these last few nights I have been reading and re-reading well into the night until my eyes blurred. Some of the entries brought me to tears. Did I say “some”? An understatement, I assure you. Life is full of harsh struggles which none of us is immune to, no matter where we live, what age we are, what we do, or how limited our choices are in life. But what always impresses me is the human capacity to be positive in our darkest hours, and how the words written in a book by someone on the other side of the world can help someone through their darkness and even change their lives. But I enjoyed some laughs too, and I was equally as impressed with the creative quality of some of the entries. And to those who have become writers after being inspired by my books, thank you for letting me know. It’s a compliment of the highest degree. The fact that there were so many of you I found humbling.

That said, it was beyond hard to choose only three winners, and in the end I had to enlist help from an impartial assessor who assisted me in sorting out the finalists. But to select only three was still a very hard choice.

Congratulations to the winners: 

Jessica Stewart

Kire Moonchild

Beth Fargo

I will be contacting you shortly for mailing details. Thank you, all, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


  1. Congratulations to the winners. I will say i entered and didn’t make it through so I’m super jealous! But I am very happy for the three of you ♥ what an awesome valentines surprise!


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