The Sleep Files: What is Sexsomnia?

Amanda Canham has written another witty blog post, but this one is informative and interesting as she draws on her expertise in the field of sleep medicine.

Amanda Canham

The Sleep Files logoHey, you, get your mind out of the gutter. That is absolutely not what I’m-

Nope, actually, keep your mind right where it is.

Sexsomnia is exactly what you are thinking.

It’s a medical condition that causes a sufferer to perform sex acts while they are sleeping. Whilst that might sound like a fun way to get off, it actually isn’t.

In its mildest form, it involves a little bit of unconscious self-pleasuring that can cause undue embarrassment for the sufferer and their bed partner. On the more serious end of the scale, it can lead to rape and charges of sexual assault with the perpetrator having no recollection of performing the act.

When I first heard about this relatively new sleep disorder, I assumed it was related to REM Sleep Disordered Behaviour (RSDB). For those of you that don’t know a lot about sleep medicine, let me explain my…

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