7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Manuscript Immediately

Hi everyone, this blog post came to me through my daughter, romance writer Amanda Canham, originally from her publisher Escape Publishing. It’s brilliant advice for learner writers, which we all are no matter how experienced, right? Who doesn’t want a reminder of how to improve one’s manuscript immediately, once in a while. Enjoy, and have a great long weekend!

The Escapades

I know many of you have a long weekend coming up, and many will be using the extra time to dive head-first into that work-in-progress. If you’re up to editing, and polishing (or even if you just want some tips to keep in mind while writing), here are seven easy tips to immediately improve your manuscript:

  • Eliminate hyperbole
    Even if your hero has the ‘cutest butt ever’, or your heroine is the ‘sexiest woman he’d ever seen’, this kind of construction is actually meaningless.
    • First, it’s very subjective: what is sexy and cute (or beautiful, smart, sweet, or any other adjective you care to use) means different things to different people.
    • Second, it’s useless as a descriptor – sexy isn’t a helpful word. Sexiest is even less so. What is sexy? Is it the curve of her hip? The line of the muscle that joins his neck to his shoulder?…

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