Hidden is No 1

Hi everyone

What a week I’ve had. Working hard on Fearless revisions and seeing Hidden, Book 1 of The Avena Series, getting the wonderful tag of No 1 Bestseller on Amazon.com.au. But to top the week off, Broken, Book 2, has come in tonight at No 4 and appears to be catching up fast.

Thanks everyone who has helped make this series the success it’s becoming. Broken is still to be released – in hardback – in the US and Canada. It’s only six weeks away and I can’t wait. Fearless will be released next year in July and no matter whether you live in Australia, NZ, the UK, Canada or the USA, you will be able to get your hands on the final in this trilogy at the same time.

Young Adult Bestseller List on Amazon.com.au on October 1st, 2014

Young Adult Bestseller List on Amazon.com.au on October 1st, 2014


    1. Hi Rochelle

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate your support, especially through your blog rlsharpe.wordpress.com. It certainly helped spread the word about my new series. What I need now is to get some interest going in the US. Broken will be released there in about five weeks. Fearless will then follow in July next year.

      All the best


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