A Guardians of Time Special Request

Good morning, Mrs. Curley.

First and foremost, I absolutely loved The Guardians of Time Trilogy. There is something about the past, and about the concept about going back in time that never fails to amaze me. You have an incredible knack for making characters seem so real, as though I know them personally. Great work. I finished the Guardians of Time trilogy several times and don’t seem to tire of it.

I have a request. I was wondering if I could have your permission to name my son after Arkarian. He isn’t born yet. He won’t be for a few more years, but when he does come, I’d like to name him after Arkarian. But, only with your permission. I like the name, the sound of it, and the manner in which Arkarian’s portrayed in the Guardians of Time Trilogy. I know it’s a peculiar request, and that you are busy. I do apologise for the inconvenience. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment to let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

I was so moved by this reader, who supplied her name but I have purposefully left off here for her privacy, that I replied immediately, and here is what I wrote back:

Thank you for writing to me and letting me know how much you have enjoyed my writing, and especially my time-travelling books The Guardians of Time. Regarding your request to name your future son Arkarian, I am honoured and humbled. You certainly have my permission. And I hope that one day that I will have the pleasure to meet the child who will bear the name of the most loved and cherished character of my series. I knew when I created the name “Arkarian” that it was somehow special. Thank you for this amazing honour.

All the best

The Guardians of Time Trilogy





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